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Though the excitement of this bloodsport defies description, there have been some who have endeavored to capture the true spirit of the conquest and struggle that is R~P~S:

"I had my butt handed to me on a plate."
    ~ Nicholai Machiavelli

"A bloodsport demanding of subtle strategy and fearless tactics."
    ~ Damian Hammontree

"This game will grab you like a rabid pit bull on crack."
    ~ Lame Gamers Monthly

"Don't underestimate its potential for horrific carnage."
    ~ Brittany Spears

"An amazing computer implementation of the time honored-game,
capturing the same intensity and brutal confrontations of the real-life version."
    ~ Prof. Adlai Schmutzhoffen
        Altara Institute of Higher Learning
        Department of Game Theory

"Not a pastime for the faint of heart."
    ~ Dingus Ringmaster

"Play by email? Hell, it's *slay* by email!"
    ~ The Right Revered Isaac P. Chuzzlewitz

"I just play 'em one day at a time and,
the good lord willing, things will turn out all right."
    ~ 'Nuke' Lalouche

" for the game's spunk and general appeal, I give R~P~S
a big thumb's up!  How 'bout you, Roger?...What?!... Uh, no, that
was a thumb's up, not a rock you idiot!  Hey, put those scissors away or
I'll break your grubby little pointer finger!   No!  It doesn't count!"
<loud crash off camera>
    ~ Gene Siskel

"R~P~S packs more excitement into one quick deathmatch
than a 6 hour game of quidditch!"
    ~ Harry Potter

"R~P~S is a slick improvement over the old R~R~R games we
used to play back in the Pleistocene."
   ~ Grognar the Barbarian

"Hello!  My name eez Inigo Montoya.  Yew
keeled mah fathair weeth thee sceezors.  Brebare to die."
    ~ Inigo Montoya

"Now, what beat rock ag'in?"
   ~ BillyBob

"The rumours are true: the R~P~S web site is a unique
collection of HTML and Javascript."
~ Gill Bates

"Worst web site ever."
   ~ Comic Book Guy

"Aristotle, Socrates, Albert Einstein, and even Jesus
have mastered R~P~S.  Now it's my turn."
~ Nick Johnston

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send it to the Gamemaster!

R~P~S   "This is serious."
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