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Welcome to the R~P~S home page.

Rock Paper Scissors

For centuries philosophers, theologians, and other comedians have pondered the important questions of life:
  • Who gets that last slice of pie?
  • Who has to go out in the rain to pick up the lunch order?
  • Who gets to ride shotgun in the car?
  • Who has to change the cat box?
  • Who wins the recount in Florida?

These questions can now be answered with the vast power of the Internet and the ancient game of Rock~Paper~Scissors.  Hone your skills with this site, and make sure you get that last piece of pie.

Item  If you think you can handle the pressure, then challenge someone.

Item  Bored with your nickname or email address?   You can change it here.

Item  If someone sent you a challenge, but you lost the email (doh!), you can click here to receive that challenge again.

Item  If you're sick and tired of being challenged to this stupid game, click here to block your email address.

Any other problems or suggestions, you should probably contact the Gamemaster.

R~P~S   "This is serious."
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