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R~P~S Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is R~P~S?

R~P~S is a web version of the old game Rock-Paper-Scissors. You may ask yourself why anyone would bother creating such a web page.   We asked ourselves the same question -- and so we made this site to find out.

How do I sign up?

There's no signing up, really.   Just challenge someone, give yourself a nickname, and make your throw.   The game server will sort it all out in the end.  See the Official Rules for more details.

How is the game played?

Let's say you decide to challenge someone else to a game.  Maybe you've got a friend that's never played.  You challenge that person using their email address.  Or maybe you don't have any friends and want to play with someone on the rankings pages.  In that case you challenge that person using their nickname.  With your challenge you put in your throw -- rock, paper, or scissors.

Your opponent replies with their throw and their nickname (if they don't already have one), and then the server resolves it all automagically.   The whole thing will take you about as much time as counting one-two-three in a real R~P~S game.

How do I win?

Rock breaks scissors.  Scissors cut paper.  Paper covers rock.  Sheesh.

What's the deal with nicknames?

Nicknames are just a convenient way to refer to another player without having to type a long email address.   Plus your nickname acts as a pseudo-password so that some random bozo can't send a challenge on your behalf (since, in theory, only you know both your email and your nickname).  Nicknames are case-insensitive, but otherwise the server expects your nickname to match your email address, so make sure you pick one that you like.

How can I change my email address or nickname?

Go here.

What if I don't want my email address being distributed all over the Net by your stupid game?

In designing R~P~S we paid special attention to privacy concerns.  You will never see any email addresses accompanying the names on the rankings pages.  That's why everyone must have a nickname in the first place.  Your email address will not be shared with other players when they challenge you, and vice versa.

Yeah, that's great, but doesn't that means somebody can keep sending challenges to me?  I don't want to get spammed by a zillion R~P~S game emails!

Not to worry.  You can receive only one R~P~S challenge from any given player at a time; any other challenges sent to you from that player will be blocked until you respond to the challenge or the game expires (one week).

No, you morons!   I don't want to get any more R~P~S mail whatsoever!

We've got you covered.  Click here to put your email address on our blocked list.   Blocked email addresses never receive R~P~S email of any kind -- in fact, you'll have to contact the gamemaster to get unblocked.

Hey, my opponent wimped out.   Why didn't he respond?

Maybe your opponent never received the challenge because you typed their nickname or email address incorrectly.  Or maybe they didn't want to bother with you and your silly R~P~S game.  In any event, your challenge will expire in one week and you can challenge them again.

Hey!   I got blacklisted from the game.  What gives?

Yeah, blacklisted, bub.  The quickest way to get blacklisted is by sending offensive email or otherwise abusing the R~P~S system.   Anything we deem to be offensive or abusive is just that, so play nice!   Be as annoying as you want within the confines of the sport, but don't let that cross over into real life.  This ain't Fight Club, and there is no return from the blacklist.

It also might be the case that email sent to your address bounced one too many times, resulting in an automatic block of your address.

What's my prize if I win?

The undying admiration of the other players -- at least until they crush you in the next game.   Play enough times and your name will climb the list of players on the rankings page   Nothing else, really.

What else do you guys do?

Oh, lots of nifty things.  Check us out at: Star Empires

What's up with those pathetic images of a rock, paper, and scissors on your main page? Dude, they suck.

You're just jealous because we have a cool rock-paper-scissors web site that everyone loves, and no one's reading your lame blog entries about your dog's trip to the vet or whatever.

Dude, what's up with these questions?  No one's ever asks stuff like this.  It's like you're having a conversation with yourself or something.

I find such conversations stimulating.

You guys have too much idle time.

That's not a question.  But the same might be said about you for reading this.

I'm not done yelling at you guys!  Who designed this lame site, anyway?

Cripes, quit whining, will ya?  Just email the gamemaster already.  Sheesh.

R~P~S   "This is serious."
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